What A Waste!

101 Camley Street water discharging day and night since before Christmas
Significant volumes of water wasted daily

The development at 101 Camley Street (formerly DHL depot) has been discharging gallons of water daily since before Christmas. The site is owned by Market Tech which also owns Camden Market and is backed by a billionaire.

The facilities manager has made repeated requests to Thames Water to fix the problem. Thames Water have not fixed it claiming it is the responsibility of the property owner. The site was vandalised and thieves removed the water meter which led to the flooding.

On the one hand, this is a private property matter, on the other, EVTRA is a neighbouring community and as such a stakeholder group. As individuals, many residents make extra effort to conserve water. Market Tech is a multinational corporation that desires to be a good neighbour with environmental standards.

One would think that a major property developer would have access to put an engineer on site to fix the leak. Instead, a branch torn from one of the fir trees has recently been placed in front of the leak.