Unkept Elm Village again

Each year our little park Elm Village Open Space becomes neglected. This year is no different. Easy perhaps to blame the rain and the recession, but are our council taxes being well managed? How hard can it be for the grounds contractor to come by once a week and see that our area has not been maintained?

The long grass becomes an excuse for the irresponsible dog owners to not clean up, not that they need it but at least with a short lawn you can see where you are stepping. The rubble and debris is hazardous – surely the contractors can remove such items? The overgrown willow never gets cut back. If it were shorter it would still look nice and the park would be more open and safer.

Come on Camden – we’re not a backwater here – we’re proud of Elm Village and want to maintain the value of its amenities.

Elm Village Open Space Neglected Again