Beauty in our midst

Even in these dark days of Coronavirus there are still reasons to feel uplifted right on our doorsteps. Resident and volunteer Ed Lee has been busy improving the gardening areas for everyone to enjoy. Hoses have been replaced where necessary and made secure to prevent trip hazards, as well as to provide ease of use. The path has been levelled and extended and laid with gravel in order to deter weeds. It is now also possible to push the wheelbarrow along it.

Edges on the lower slope have been shored up and strengthened.
Steps linking the top tier with the bottom have been laid and made secure. The composting areas have been rearranged, as have the seating areas.

Additionally, Ed has cleared away debris from various members’ plots which not only improves the appearance but also means there is no unwanted ‘creep’ to surrounding areas.

There has been quite a lot of deterioration in some of the structural woodwork, as well as hazards from screws coming adrift; Ed has made temporary repairs where possible, and the problem has been reported to PfP which is in the process of responding.

Pegeen lands on her feet

Many residents will know Pegeen from her regular walks around the area and might be wondering why they’ve not seen her recently. Pegeen has moved to a residential home and is being well looked after. Here’s a report from her carer:

I’m glad to report that Pegeen has settled in really well.  She’s happier now than before with the stimulation of staff and other residents, and able to participate in lots of activities – dancing being a favourite. There is a WhatsApp group – with updates and photos from visits etc.

Here are some photos of Pegeen in her new life. If you wish to join the WhatsApp group for Pegeen, contact EVTRA using the contact form on this site.