Fleeting Moments

From the talented Elm Village group of Jan, Frances and Ed(ward) and James Gordon

FLEETING MOMENTS is a completely new entertainment in words, music and song. For one hour the performers will present scenes, comic and serious, set in Camden’s past.

So we invite you to come and spend an unusual sixty minutes – by the end of which you will also know about the menu of William Bruges’ banquet, the daily life of a ‘fly boat’ man and the sad end of a ‘step girl’. If you aren’t saddened by the fate of Mr and Mrs Osburn, or don’t laugh out loud at the rendering of Cherry Ripe,by our Italian guest singer, Lotta Cannelloni, we’ll give you back the price of your admission – which won’t make you rich as all events are free.

  • Wednesday February 15th
  • Library of the Camden Irish Centre, Camden Square,NW1.
  • Doors open 7:00pm for 7:30pm
  • Admission free