Estate Maintenance – a new contractor

In January 2020, Mike Jackson, who tended the green spaces in EV estate for many years, retired. We miss you, Mike.

PfP (Places for People) replaced Mike with a company called Tivoli. Despite lots of early promises and being shown round the estate by Mike and meeting with residents, Tivoli’s performance was consistently poor.

EVTRA sent many messages and photos to PfP showing that Tivoli’s performance was worse than inadequate – weeds in paths and parking spaces, flower beds untended and littered, bushes either hacked off or completely neglected, and more (actually less!). So poor was Tivoli’s performance, even allowing generously for lockdown, that EVTRA wrote to PfP in January saying we wanted them to be replaced, ideally with a local gardening company with a good reputation.

Finally, at the beginning of March, PfP agreed the EV gardening contract will be retendered. Even better, PfP invited EVTRA to suggest suitable local companies and to comment on the maintenance contract they would be contracting for.

So now over to you: Do you know of a gardening company that might be suitable? If so, please email some details to and EVTRA will take it from there. You can see the full timetable of events and comment on the draft of the proposed garden maintenance contract at

Deadline for our response to PfP is mid-April but EVTRA would like all suggestions/comments by 31 March, please, to give us time to pull everything together and get an agreed response back to PfP.

We look forward to hearing from you by 31 March.

Timetable of events

  1. During March / April / May EVTRA / Elm Village can introduce any new “contractors” to PFP that may interested in delivering this work. PFP will engage with these businesses and see if they meet the criteria to become an approved supplier.
  1. During the same period PFP will with input from EVTRA / Elm Village / PFP Living Plus (in relation to 44 St Pancras Way) develop a local landscape specification better suited to needs / desires of the site.
  1. Once an agreed specification / supplier list (June) has been reached with all parties PFP in conjunction with EVTRA / Elm Village, PFP will carry out pre‑tender site visits with interested contractors to ensure the full extent of site and its requirements are understood.
  1. During July / Aug PFP will carry out a competitive tender exercise (including our current supplier) against the revised specification and recommend a new supplier to EVTRA / Elm Village / PFP Living Plus, it is anticipated this will include a further site meeting with the proposed supplier and all interested parties.
  1. During September, the successful contractor will mobilise their works for an anticipated 1st October start
  1. It is anticipated that the successful contractor will be initially appointed for a full 18-month period to bring the contract back into an April – March financial year
  1. Any increase to service delivery, additional works agreed outside the current SLA will likely increase service charges?