Elm Village now has its own Garden and Landscape Maintenance Community Interest Company

Part of the service charge we all pay to PfP/RMG is for gardening and soft landscaping of the public areas within Elm Village: Things such as keeping weeds under control, removing overgrown ivy, pruning bushes and hedges, mowing the grass, and generally keeping the shared areas of Elm Village looking smart, looked after, and well presented.

For the past several years this work has been subcontracted to a large “grounds maintenance” company but their performance has been dire, with many residents voicing dissatisfaction.

At the 2022 AGM, EVTRA agreed that we could manage this work better ourselves. We formed a non-profit community interest company, put in a bid to manage the work, and were a awarded the contract by PfP/RMG. In September we engaged Tony, a self-employed gardener, who has been busy pruning overgrown bushes, removing ivy and brambles and weeds, and, with much help and input from residents, planting up the areas he has cleared. Things are looking better already.

More news on this will soon be on the EVTRA website.