Save our PCSO

Many residents will know Jason Bell, our area police community special officer. He’s been a great asset to Elm Village to help keep our area safe. There are plans to make all PCSO’s like Jason redundant. The usual “cost savings” excuse that does not take into account the costs we face when we are victims of crime.

There is a petition to voice your support for Jason and all other PCSOs.

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Vandals damage plantings in Elm Village
Vandals damage plantings in Elm Village

Please be aware of suspicious activity in Elm Village. We live in a wonderful part of town but like anywhere we do have our share of criminal activity – drug dealing and burglary being most common. Vandals are also around as shown in this recent example of someone tearing up our plants. If you see people acting suspiciously in our community please call the police on 101 immediately.

Police Advice

Our Safer Neighbourhoods team ask Elm Villagers to be extra aware: the longer nights mean there have been attempted burglaries in our area. If you see suspicious people call the Metropolitan Police non-emergency number 101. Please read the Met’s advice on home security. ¬†