Residents Annual General Meeting 30th June

Evtra holds its AGM on Monday, 30th June 7pm – 8pm in the Constitution cellar bar. This is an opportunity for residents to meet and discuss Elm Village and Places for People. There will be updates about PfP plans, neighbourhood planning, community events and safety. All residents in the Evtra area are encouraged to attend. If you would like to volunteer a little time each year to help our community, we will be accepting nominations to the volunteer committee.

Camden Council Election Results

Party Seats Won Change
 Labour  40  +10
 Conservative  12  +2
 Green  1  nc
 Lib Dem  1  -12

Commentary by David Powell, Chair of the Evtra volunteers committee and Chair of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum

In our Elm Village ward of St Pancras & Somers Town, Cllrs Roger Robinson, Samata Khatoon and Peter Brayshaw were all re-elected  (with some of the largest majorities in Camden)

Cllr Phil Jones who was the Portfolio leader with responsible for the community investment plan is re-elected for Cantelowes, the ward just the other side of Agar Grove. This is relevant to Evtra’s role in the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum.

Cllr Theo Blackwell, Gospel Oak, former Portfolio Lead for finance and who spoke at the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum’s first public meeting, is re-elected.

Cllr Richard Cotton is newly elected to Camden Town with Primrose Hill. Richard lives on Weavers way and is an elected member of the Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum.

Cllr Sarah Hayward, Leader for the last term, remains a councillor for Kings Cross

Cllr Julian Fulbrook, (Holborn) Camden’s longstanding planning chair, is re-elected.

Sian Berry is the Green Party’s new councillor for Highgate.

Cllr Flick Rea, representing Fortune Green in W Hampstead is now the only Lib Dem representative on the council.

1066 and all that

William the Conqueror, 1066
Said to his captains “I mean to affix
England to Normandy. Go out and borrow
Some bows and some arrows, we’re starting tomorrow”.
So William went conquering hither and thither
Till Angles and Saxons were all of a dither.
(from a poem for children popular in the 1930s)

Read Edward Lee’s latest instalment of the History of Elm Village

Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum Area Map

This is the area covered by the newly formed Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum. Evtra is taking an active role with residents on the steering group.

This neighbourhood forum will grow in importance as developers spread out from Kings Cross and begin to eye our area as prime real estate. The area in the map is also identified by HS2 planners as a major works depot (building materials, lorries) for work that will go on to widen the bridges on the HS2 Link (i.e. the Overground rail tracks running parallel with Barker Drive through Camden Road station). With property development, we’ve already seen new high rise student flats on Camley Street and St Pancras Way.

Neighbourhood forums are a way for local residents and businesses to play an active role in neighbourhood development plans. Residents in Elm Village, Weavers Way, Ploughmans Close and Crofters Way, and business along Camley Street, are actively participating in our neighbourhood forum.

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Vandals damage plantings in Elm Village
Vandals damage plantings in Elm Village

Please be aware of suspicious activity in Elm Village. We live in a wonderful part of town but like anywhere we do have our share of criminal activity – drug dealing and burglary being most common. Vandals are also around as shown in this recent example of someone tearing up our plants. If you see people acting suspiciously in our community please call the police on 101 immediately.

Police Advice

Our Safer Neighbourhoods team ask Elm Villagers to be extra aware: the longer nights mean there have been attempted burglaries in our area. If you see suspicious people call the Metropolitan Police non-emergency number 101. Please read the Met’s advice on home security.

Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum Application

EVTRA is working with businesses on Camley Street and other residents in the immediate area to establish a neighbourhood forum. The forum will have legal status under the Localism Act to participate and help shape planning and development in our area.

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