Elm Village Wildlife Survey 2018

EVTRA wishes to monitor and keep a record of environmental observations and changes.  We therefore invite all residents to report things of interest which they see. We are thinking of: animals, birds, insects, butterflies, trees, shrubs. flowers and plants.

Just send us a message through the website.

If you want to share photos of wildlife sightings, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (see sidebar).

You are welcome to write at length, but all we need is what was seen, a date and (rough) time and place.  

Please also give your name and a means of contact. This is so that, in the event of something of wider significance (e.g., the appearance of a badger) we can follow up and involve the appropriate agency. But we shall under no circumstances reveal or use your name and details without your permission.

Kindle book launch & performance 25th Oct at The Con

On Tuesday 25 October Sounds Like are giving a reading to launch the Kindle publication of A World Ago by Maria Camara.

THE BOOK: Maria Camara is a modern woman with a car and a smartphone. But her early years were spent in a Madeira village where life was little different from that of the first settlers who went there in 1420. This is the fascinating and human story of that time in her life . Among the chapters are: Mozambique, Bread and Wine, Children’s games and stories, A Mind Diseas’d

(Googling Maria Camara A World Ago should bring up the relevant page)   Price is £2.95.


Elm Village interest: Maria has worked as a cleaner in the village for 25 years. Jan North has sung at our Christmas event for some years. Kevin Drake is as former resident and Frances and Ed Lee still live here.

Location: Constitution Cellar doors open 6.30 Guitar music by Kevin Drake. Reading starts at 7pm. The show lasts just under one hour. Admission is free. You don’t have to buy drinks, but they are on sale at the bar and the Con would welcome the custom.

You don’t have to commit yourself but it would be helpful to know if you will definitely be/not be there, as space is limited.

All enquiries to: EdwardLeeMusical@gmail.com