Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum Area Map

This is the area covered by the newly formed Camley Street Neighbourhood Forum. Evtra is taking an active role with residents on the steering group.

This neighbourhood forum will grow in importance as developers spread out from Kings Cross and begin to eye our area as prime real estate. The area in the map is also identified by HS2 planners as a major works depot (building materials, lorries) for work that will go on to widen the bridges on the HS2 Link (i.e. the Overground rail tracks running parallel with Barker Drive through Camden Road station). With property development, we’ve already seen new high rise student flats on Camley Street and St Pancras Way.

Neighbourhood forums are a way for local residents and businesses to play an active role in neighbourhood development plans. Residents in Elm Village, Weavers Way, Ploughmans Close and Crofters Way, and business along Camley Street, are actively participating in our neighbourhood forum.

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