Bees in Elm Village allotments by the canal

Elm Village: a bee-friendly place

Beekeeping in Elm Village allotments began in 2014 using start-up funding provided by Pfp. Two colonies of Buckfast bees, known for their quiet natures, were purchased from Fragile Plant. Peter McGinty and Helene Fawcett looked after the hives for the first couple of years, Helene having attended a self-funded course, Urban Beekeeping, run by Brian McCallum, a professional beekeeping inspector, and author of several books on beekeeping, held at Camley Street Wildlife park.

Since then the bees have been kept by Helene and Rob Small with further training provided by courses run by North London Beekeepers’ Association at the Kenwood Apiary. They are currently assisted by Tom Inman and Sophie Geoghegan, both of whom have been trained in sustainable beekeeping.

All costs associated with training courses, as well as stock, equipment and supplies are met by the beekeepers.

The beekeepers welcome interest and involvement from EVTRA members. Please contact North London Beekeepers’ Association if you are interested in training courses. Or just come and talk to us.