Annual Membership

Membership is only £3 per household for a year

You may have met some of our volunteers in the last week visiting door-to-door. It’s our annual membership drive. Your £3 for a whole year keeps Evtra working for you – for example, organising social events such as the Big Lunch, keeping the website going, running the Neighbourhood Watch, printing newsletters, representing your interests with Places for People and in the fast-paced Kings Cross planning process – and much more. If we missed you and you’d like to join or renew contact

Evtra Big Lunch

Thanks to everyone who attended bringing their cooked and baked goodies. A lovely time was had by all. Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped organise in advance and on the day. The weather was perfect and the conversation even better. There was plenty of savoury and sweet food for everyone – and even our friends from the Safer Neighbourhoods team stopped by. Here’s to another year in a great community!

big lunch video

Play Your Part in the Elm Village Area Development Plan

Camden and Islington have developed a Place Plan for the King’s Cross area. This includes Elm Village, Camley Street, Agar, Maiden Lane, the Canal.  This plan sets out a vision for the future of King’s Cross that reflects the priorities for the area.

The Council needs your opinion about this plan by 21st May.

EVTRA encourages all Elm Villagers to look at this plan and be a part of the future by giving your feedback.

If you would like EVTRA to provide feedback to the Council on behalf of residents – contact us at

The Elm Village Big Lunch Returns – 17th June 2012

Elm Village Big Lunch

Yes, back by popular demand, our very own Big Lunch. If you attended last year you’ll recall what a pleasant afternoon we had and the new neighbours and friends you met. Hold the date:

Sunday 17th June, 12 noon till 3:00pm

Allotment Gardens overlooking the Elm Village Riviera (Regents Canal) enter next to the Crescent

More updates later.

Spring has sprung….again

Even a local wood pigeon needed an umbrella
Elm Village Open Space

After the warm spell in March, Elm Village seemed to be in eternal deluge. Lots and lots of rain this past weekend. Good for our plants and trees but apparently not enough to end the drought. Then suddenly it all ended and the sun came out today. Nature looked wonderful and reminded us that Elm Village is a little oasis of greenery. Next time you’re out and about stop for a second and see our surroundings.

Camden Rd Surgery Closure – Public Meeting – 13th March

As previously reported, the Camden Road Surgery is closing. Residents of Elm Village may have received flyers advertising an alternative medical centre in Kentish Town. However, there is also a movement to put pressure on the owners of Camden Road Surgery to keep it open. There is a public meeting to discuss this:

Tuesday 13th March at 8:00pm
Maiden Lane Community Centre
156 St Paul’s Crescent, Maiden Lane estate, NW1 9XZ

Speakers include Frank Dobson MP
Councillors, GPs and PCT invited

Elm Village resident and EVTRA volunteer Maeve O’Connor is helping coordinate this effort.

For more information contact:
Camden Keep Our NHS Public: 49 Rossendale Way, NW1 0XB
Telephone 020 7383 3092 or 07946 480 26


Fleeting Moments

From the talented Elm Village group of Jan, Frances and Ed(ward) and James Gordon

FLEETING MOMENTS is a completely new entertainment in words, music and song. For one hour the performers will present scenes, comic and serious, set in Camden’s past.

So we invite you to come and spend an unusual sixty minutes – by the end of which you will also know about the menu of William Bruges’ banquet, the daily life of a ‘fly boat’ man and the sad end of a ‘step girl’. If you aren’t saddened by the fate of Mr and Mrs Osburn, or don’t laugh out loud at the rendering of Cherry Ripe,by our Italian guest singer, Lotta Cannelloni, we’ll give you back the price of your admission – which won’t make you rich as all events are free.

  • Wednesday February 15th
  • Library of the Camden Irish Centre, Camden Square,NW1.
  • Doors open 7:00pm for 7:30pm
  • Admission free