An Elm Tree for Elm Village

For over 30 years, there was a large signature elm tree on the crescent green in Rossendale Way until it part collapsed during a wind storm in 2020 and what remained had to be felled. Since then, many residents have asked “what’s happening about replacing the tree?” PfP/RMG had said they would provide a replacement, but time has been passing…

A short while ago, a long-term resident noticed that an organisation called “Elms for London”, a charity supported by the Royal Parks and the Mayor for London, was offering to supply and deliver established elm saplings for free to suitable sites. So, in a nutshell, we applied and have been awarded a tree.

The new elm tree will arrive sometime before mid-February and will be planted in the same spot as the previous elm, about which we have received advice from an arborist and counsel from Master Gardener Mike Jackson. More news on all of this as it develops.